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September 2005 : a conference for research and debate

After ten years of this research, we have begun better to understand the epistemological and methodological demands appropriate to the research on performance. The September 2005 conference which marks the tenth year anniversary of Ethnoscenology will be an occasion for further reflection on these developments. We will discuss the relationship between the tangibility of human perception and the conceptualization of human experience, a question which has been discussed in the domain of classical anthropology; however, we will consider how further to ameliorate certain disputed aspects of this classical research in anthropology which has been exposed notably for instituting (since its inception in the 19th century) a racist and colonialist methodological bias.

The final day of the conference will be dedicated to the theme of “Transdisciplinarity: at the frontiers of research,” during which time we will promote an interdisciplinary dialogue about how to approach the problem of academic and cultural ethnocentrism in our research.

The future of Ethnoscenology depends on the decompartmentalization of the arts, specifically theater studies, and a willingness therein to reach beyond one’s disciplinary specialty and thus to solicit knowledge and expertise in other areas of research. If Ethnoscenology has provoked such an interest on the part of the new generations of researchers, it is because Ethnoscenology refuses to manifest itself dogmatically, offering instead an epistemological opening capable of permitting valuable academic exchange and innovation.